• Photographers against Photography 

    This project is aimed specifically at Photography students, in a bid to make them more creative. The project includes no photographers, just lino prints from my manifesto, a clay bracelet and pin badge and also includes a camera shaped biscuit. Showing students that photography can be so much more than just photographs. 

    To read my manifesto see link: 


  • The pursuit of the perfect tea set

    In this project I attempted to immerse myself in the culture of collecting and applying a narrative story to find a set of objects that appealed to myself, by doing so it, allowed me to become apart of that culture and in choosing tea sets I discovered that these images contained much more meaning than at first glance.

    They are not just images of teas sets; to me they are a physical representation of a gender stereotype.

  • Absent Minded -

    This project was about how people portrayed themselves when it was just pure body language.

    No face, no facial expressions, just pure “absent minded” photographs.

  • The Missing Piece -

    This piece of work is dedicated to my late Granddad, I miss him everyday, and I wanted to show how his absents
    has affected my family life. With these photographs I wanted to make peace with his death and come to terms
    with mine and my families loss.

  • People of Bristol